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About Divine Arcade Interiors

Divine Arcade Interiors was founded in 2012 by coming together of young, highly creative Interior Designers and professionals, who successfully executed several innovative and prestigious projects in Corporate Interiors and private residences.

Though Divine Arcade is young and dynamic, the portfolio of work reflects total understanding, professionalism, and maturity in handling projects. It believes in competition and value for money for its clients, & therefore stands successfully in fair market competition. This provides multiple opportunities to serve clients on their serially repetitive as well as new projects.

We use traditional, customized and modern elements to create harmonious spaces, both relaxed and timeless. We use craftsman whose work is true to their art forms, working with sustainable materials, using the right furnishings and products.
We are a compliance fulfilled company with registration of  GST and ESIC / EPF  with separate skilled manpower and material supplier base for Northern India and Eastern India.